I hope you're all hanging in there during this crisis!

CoronaFridgeCorona Fridge

As someone whose business consists mainly of *gathering large groups of people close together* (principally wedding and event photography/videography, since 2013), I most definitely understand about tough times. I mean, I want my photos to go viral... but, only digitally!

It seems to me all this enforced down time is a great excuse to do all those things you've been putting off for so long: spring cleaning, home or car maintenance, updating your social media/LinkedIn profile - or taking that timeless family portrait for the mantel while you still have more hands than kids (or they still run slow enough to catch easily).

You're shut in together anyway; might as well do it while you're all still smiling!

Worried about coming into a studio where others have been? Or about letting a stranger into your home? Fortunately, creative portraits don't require that, and can be done at near zero risk: no close contact required at all. Weather-permitting (and that does look promising so far this spring - thanks Phil!), everything can be done outside if you prefer. And using a long lens, good natural light (maybe plus a reflector), and the world as your background, we can take some really pleasing images that stand out from the norm -- from across the street, if necessary.

I think weddings and big events are still off for a while (any guesses on how many are secretly relieved? :), but individual and family portraits are very much ON. I'm offering 30% off regular rates for headshot and family sessions. $100 headshots (vs. the usual $150), and $250 portrait sessions (normally $350-$500), for as long as the crisis lasts. If you're reading this, it's still on!

And as an added bonus, since I had the foresight to stock up on certain hard-to-find paper products, a free roll of you-know-what to the first 10 who take advantage of this deal!

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